DappCamp is a online couse for learning layer 2 DApps and I was hired to create NFT badges for students. Students in DappCamp receive these badges to their wallets whenever they reach certain point of their learning journey. The challenge was to make this badge design into generative art code so DappCamp people can generate custom badges for each students with their own name and level. 
Design Plan
I want to show learning journey as a graphic so my initial idea started with runner in the badges. And I started to separated design elements into different layers so it can be generative art form later. 
Main Graphic Assets
Final concept is hiking journey of learners. 3 badges are 3 steps of hiking: start of hiking, figuring out the trail, arriving the top of the mountain. 
Final Badge Design and Art Generator
I provided art generator code file for DappCamp people and made this video how to use this file. After several NFT making experience, I was this level of creator finally. 
It wasn't really perfect fit project for art generator since badges need to be unique with students name so later we had to change few things for the final.
Personally I prefer art generator code because I can slide in my name as a creator in the metadata of the NFT images ;)
Final shipped graphic is on the left. We ended up simplifying some of the badge design elements and I handed them the design into Figma file(initially it was Adobe Illustrator), so they can tweak the design easily by themselves!

You can see the final badges that students received in this Opensea DappCamp Badges collection.
Additional Design, Certificate
After badge design, I did certificate NFT design for DappCamp.
You can also see Opensea collection for DappCamp Certificate.