I first started working with Preethi for her blog post which is the first one, right below(How does the NEW Ethereum work?). I've already known about her famous blockchain blog posts so I was very happy that I can be part of her next post. After the first diagrams, I helped her create other blog images and also website graphics for Noir. 
The work process was usually started from Preethi writing the blog post and sharing to me with a short video of her describing which parts we need diagrams and what kind of images she's imagining of the parts.
I personally am also a huge fan/digger of blockchain, it was very intriguing project every time, thinking how to illustrate complicated technology to fun story-telling images.
Blog Post Diagrams
Blog post #1: How does the NEW Ethereum work?
Blog post #2: What the heck is a Zero-Knowledge Proof, anyway?
Blog post #3: What is a proof system?
Opengraph Only
Blog post opengraph #1: Why we use Modular Math for Zero Knowledge Proofs
Blog post opengraph #2: But where did ZKP’s come from, anyway?
Blog post opengraph #3: A Painless Guide to Cryptography for Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Noir Website Graphic